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Blissful Minds was founded by Omotolu Aje-Omokore and Opeyemi Ojo. Both are distinguished specialists who help their patients manage both their mental and physical health. When they established Blissful Minds, they brought a wealth of experience and a diverse skillset to the practice. However, there was one problem – no one knew they were in business.

Omotolu and Opeyemi approached LMR to help them gain visibility.

Their goal was to provide the best possible care to their patients, and our job was to convey that message to the people who needed their services.

It all starts with branding.

A strong voice and an established persona gives patients confidence in their choice to work with Blissful Minds.

As a new company, we began with a clean slate. The foundational elements of Blissful Minds—color palettes, logos, icons, and layouts—were thoughtfully chosen and strategically arranged. From these pieces, a distinctive brand emerged.

The palette offers grounding shades with natural hues; It is both calming & sophisticated. The combination of colors provides a gentle invitation into introspection, while also emphasizing support, growth, and the promise of healing.

The logo delicately introduces joy – and the hope that one will experience more of it with help from Blissful Minds.

In any advertising campaign, our primary objective is to engage active seekers. For this, we leverage Dynamic Google Ads, ensuring Blissful Minds is at the forefront when their target audience is actively searching for their services.

However, startups encounter a classic dilemma: Google requires traffic to trust a site, yet the site needs Google’s visibility to generate that very traffic. How do we navigate this catch-22?

Our solution has been to integrate Instagram ads into the ad strategy. This allows us to position the content before an audience already interested in mental health services, but who may not yet be familiar with Blissful Minds.

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