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In 2018, amidst the busy streets of downtown Chicago, Empowered Therapy began as a modest practice with just two dedicated clinicians. Today, Empowered Therapy is not just another name in the city. It is a practice with over 40 skilled clinicians and one of the most sought-after group in Chicago’s therapeutic landscape.

From the start, LMR introduced dynamic digital strategy, evolving in tandem with the ever growing Empowered Therapy. This enabled the practice to offer an expansive array of specialties, catering to a diverse spectrum of niche audiences. The result? A larger impact and more lives touched.

“I cannot recommend LMR enough-when I began working with them, my business was made up of two employees. They not only took the time to help me understand what their services could do for my business, but clearly had the knowledge of my industry and the data to support the claims.

LMR will work with you to build a sustainable and profitable business, while learning the details necessary to create authentic work for you. If you want to expand and scale your business, working with LMR is the way to do it.”

-Elizabeth Burke, CEO of Empowered Therapy

Empowered Therapy’s strength lies in its diverse array of specialists. As the team expanded, adding clinicians with various specialties and backgrounds, our marketing approach needed to be as dynamic as the growth. It wasn’t just about reaching more people; it was about adapting to the ever-evolving structure of the practice.
LMR implemented a targeted keyword strategy via Google Ads using the Single Theme Ad Groups (STAG Strategy). This approach enabled us to picot – adding new ad groups, corresponding with the introduction of new specialists.
This wasn’t a shot in the dark. Relying on a comprehensive set of long-term data, we could modulate our growth rate, ensuring it aligned perfectly with Empowered Therapy’s specific needs at any given moment.

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