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Life Connections is a well-known mental and behavioral healthcare center with 11 locations in Iowa. For years they were able to rely on organic growth and a solid reputation thanks to people talking about their good work. But in the digital age, they knew that wasn’t sustainable. 

In the modern digital world, they understood that old-fashioned methods alone wouldn’t help them keep growing. So, they teamed up with LMR to use digital techniques for a stronger impact. Their goal wasn’t just to get more referrals, but to create a smart and trackable way of connecting with people through the internet.

Using digital techniques for a stronger impact,

Life Connections has been able to serve more communities.

amazing user experience marketing example

A revamped web structure coupled with a fresh site architecture enabled an effortless user experience.

We wanted to build upon the existing brand and give it a more engaging, inviting and recognizable quality. But at the same time we didn’t want to lose the essence of a brand that the community had already come to know and love.

By incorporating a handful of additional colors into the brand palette, Life Connections reached a new level of engagement and appeal.

Utilizing custom branded imagery adds a distinctive edge to the brand’s visibility.


Custom, dynamic Google Ads vary based on the user’s location and keyword which enhances the user’s experience. Ad optimization ensures the target audiences interacts with the most relevant ads to them.

With an optimized website & lead generating ads, we shifted attention towards digital reputation management. Content-driven lead nurturing strategies effectively established credibility with potential clients and diversified sources of website traffic.

amazing user experience marketing example

Short form content was used to convey a warm and informative voice that brings reliable content to the target audience. 

marketing for mental health newsletter examples

Cost per lead steadily decreased.

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