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RAR Mental Health Counseling had embarked on a significant journey, aiming to create a welcoming space for clients from diverse backgrounds. With a keen mission in place and services that catered to various needs, the brand was waiting to be introduced to the world. 

Teaming up with LMR, RAR began its journey towards brand recognition and establishing its unique presence in the competitive world of therapy.

The challenge for LMR was to craft a brand identity that seamlessly combined meticulous attention to detail and high-quality service with a sense of approachability, warmth, and friendliness.

With a brand persona embodying such distinct traits, the chosen palette was designed to be both calming and assertive. Soft, muted shades of taupe and pale beige were included to make clients feel safe and understood. In contrast, the deeper tones of muted olive and rich forest green convey the rigorous and thorough approach of the brand.

The unique script and lettering with RAR as the focal point captures the essence of the brand’s meticulous nature while being modern and approachable.

The design choices for RAR Therapeutic Services resonated with its brand ethos. Engaging icons and strategic use of white space with our vibrant palette communicated clarity and trust. Rounded buttons and circular icons added warmth and approachability. Shadows provided depth, ensuring a unified and engaging user experience across all touchpoints.

Our approach was holistic. Starting with a website optimized for both user experience and SEO, we ensured that the foundation was set right. With engaging graphics, detailed content, and a seamless layout, the brand’s digital presence was established.

We incorporated high-quality content like blogs and ran targeted ads for specific audience segments ensuring the right reach. The campaigns were backed by engaging landing pages so that interested users found meaningful content and an easy route to schedule their firt appointment. 

The results were commendable. In the initial two weeks itself, we generated 39 leads at an average cost of just $19 per lead. The on-page conversion rate stood at 15%, indicating effective targeting and engagement. With the addition of social media and organic search strategies, over 10% of the total traffic was driven organically in the last two months.

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